Student Work

I teach photography at Princeton Day School, a high school in Princeton, New Jersey. This is a small sample of what my students have produced.

Cruise, Nathan Sashihara, grade 10 New York City, Matt Weinstock, grade 12 India, Kristina Budelis, grade 10

Migrant worker housing, Noah Lanard, grade 10 Wall, Yannick LeJacq, grade 10 My mother and my sister, Elisabeth Morgan, grade 12

Casino, Don Kraft, grade 12 Children in Pool, Emily Kossow, grade 11 Sisters, Liz Paul, grade 11

Body painting, Arianna Stahmer, grade 12 Barry Snyder, Artist  Stephanie Costa, grade 12 Journal page, Izaak Bray, grade 12

Mud, Jan Trubauer, grade 12 Maria (54”x36”) Julianna Clark, grade 12 BARBQ, Mimi Reed, grade 11

Tangle, Emma Pajer, grade 10 Painted glass, Emily Kossow, grade 12 Dancer’s self portrait, Kris Tomlinson, grade 11

Waterfall, Lydia Emery, grade 10 Green Door, Sarah Schwartx, grade 11 Untitled, Yannick LeJacq grade 11

Friends, Sophie Guild, grade 11 Lettuce leaves, Alon Debiche grade 11 Squash collage, Lydia Emery, grade 11

Self Portrait, Chris Wiley, grade 11 Acrobatic, Liz Paul, grade 11 Technology, Eden Williams, grade 11

You don’t have to be a size 2, Edith Petrovic, grade 11 Egg trees, Kristen Apple, grade 11 Colored glass, John Wilson, grade 11

Sequence with  poetry, Francis Hagen, grade 12 Tree, Kristina Budelis, grade 12